Wood How To: Wainscoting Panels

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How to Install Wainscoting Panels - R. Mark Sink

There are many different styles for wainscot but you may need to find one that is workable for your situation. Your indoor wood paneling can be plywood or even MDF, (medium density fiberboard), depending on the application.

Here I hope to help you gain some wainscoting ideas that will work for you in a do-it-yourself project or through a local trim carpenter in your area.

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Most people assume that wainscot must be solid panels. I find many customers who have preferred a better look for the main parts of the house. Solid vertical grooved paneling without drop panel effects or bolection moulding is more commonly used in bathrooms. You'll see this on elaborated doors.

Solid interior wall paneling is even sold locally in 4X8 sheets with chair rail and base to go with it. The baseboard is usually very thin to accommodate existing casing depths. (Table or circular saw required)

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Wainscot Styles and Effects
Applied chair rail and panel moulding on existing drywall (Basic Application)

2. Applied rail & stile, chair rail, panel moulding, and baseboard on existing wall

3. Applied solid paneling either sheet paneling, vertical tongue and groove, or rail & stile with solid drop panels including baseboard. This can also be installed over existing drywall.

Now that you have an idea of what you can do, let's look at some samples and you'll be ready to start shopping for your woodwork.

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