Wood How To: Table-Type Work Horse

© R. Mark Sink
Wood How To: Table-Type Work Horse © - Includes Start Your Own Business Idea

By R. Mark Sink

Many years ago, it was decided that the use of the so-called "saw horse," was deserving of a design that out witted all others in order to build a "Work Horse," that would be the strongest possible design using easily accessible material.

This particular design has been with me for over 30 years, and I still use this table-type design with the wider top where boards can be laid along the length of the work horse, but that was only the beginning.

Now you can build this design not only for your personal use, but you will be able to reproduce the strongest work horse in the world and offer this outstanding product to your contacts, neighbors, and local market.

With this new product, the Table-Type Work Horse ©, you'll have two choices, one to get the plans and quickly build your own set, and you'll also have the choice of reproduction and to create extra income from your skills in this simple and super strong horse people will love.

All the kinks have been worked out to build maximum efficiency in material cost and the most useable product into one set of Work Horses that speaks quality and dependability for many years to come.

Lumber sold today is precut to specific lengths, and these are calculated so that in building your own set of Work Horses, you'll use nearly every inch of material without waste, and also benefit from this methodology if you intend to reproduce the product for others.

"Two Table-Type Work Horses"
© R. Mark Sink
Whatever your situation, whether you really just want to build your own stuff, or would like to learn how to create products such as this to make money from home, this opportunity is available to you, and requires a few skills you're likely aware of already.

For those of you considering offering up such an idea to others, here is the short list of necessary tools and their set ups to maximize this project.

1. Dewalt DW715 Heavy-Duty 12" (305mm) Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw This particular saw is capable of cutting all the way through a 2 X 4 that is turned on its side and cut at an angle.

2. DeWalt DCD760KL 18V Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Kit (The 18 volts provides enough power so that when you screw in a 3 inch long screw, the drill does not stop turning the screw) with 1/8 bit/driver

3. Screws or Nails

4. Glue

Having a work table for your miter saw provides a place to easily cut your lumber in lengths starting at 8 foot long. Most of the systems I've seen are too expensive, and it is recommended that you build your own table or find a local tool supplier who specializes in providing on-site type stands where the miter saw sits upon and the stand can be folded up and usually has wheels so that it can be moved around.

Again, having your saw set up in a place more permanent requires one less step every time you intend to build and assemble products. It may be that once you have built at least one set of the TT1s, you'll have a method to set up your saw on a more safe and stable surface.

The link to the screws above represent only zinc coated screws which may rust eventually. In my projects, building the Table-Type Work Horse, I use a screw that is especially designed to withstand the weather. If you store your horses outside exposed to the weather, they will not last nearly as long as they could if kept under roof and in the dry.

© R. Mark Sink
Assembly time is drastically reduced with pre-determined lengths, and the exact and appropriate angles cut on each piece which allows for easy construction. At the current time, it is actually cheaper to buy a 2 X 4 then it is a 1 X 4, and the reason may be demand is much stronger for the former, thus the stipulation that it is cheaper to produce and distribute.

Actually, I've built many of these horses of 1 X 4 material and they produce a fine product with some slight adjustments, and a bit more cost that building the strongest horse in the world, or until someone comes up with a better design.

The "Table-Type Work Horse ©," is designed for strength in that its width is slightly less than its height, and the same for the length of each span. Doubling the top span ensures the most stable surface possible with this type of method. You should be able to build four of these in about 3 hours, which would net you anywhere from $50 to $100 profit.

But if you just need a great set of saw horses that you can depend on, for a measly $5.95,  you can learn exactly what you'll need to build these yourself along with details about cost, and creating efficiency to maximize your spare time into something sustainable.

"Standing Desk
Design Kit"
© R. Mark Sink
At Avatar Creations it is my custom to offer all my products at equal prices, thus you'll notice this same offer for other products, and you may also notice that I offer all my products for a one-time purchase. Those who have previously purchased products still have access to my back office area and can utilize any product listed, currently there are two other products.

Although, with this particular line of products, more of the same or similar are being planned. I've currently got an idea about a type of workbench that might be workable as a secondary product to add when offering the Work Horses. Another possible product which you may see here is the chicken coop. Expect ideas to come and be available "For Free," to any purchasing member.

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I am working on a subscription based newsletter for our purchasing members and will notify you once that is ready. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your project.

© R. Mark Sink


  1. Nice sturdy, heavy duty sawhorses, I need some like this in my shop. Looks like they could last forever.

  2. This is the style of saw horse I got from a how to book 20+ years ago. Best damn horses I've ever built. I've made many and given them away as gifts. 15 degree angles and your set.