Thursday, November 7, 2013

GMO: The Eugenics Connection – F. William Engdahl

GMO: The Eugenics Connection – F. William Engdahl
Nov 6, 2013 | Farm Wars

The foundation of genetic engineering is eugenics. F. William Engdahl breaks it all down. This is a must-listen lecture.


In "Seeds of Destruction" and elsewhere, F. William Engdahl shatters biotech myths by demonstrating the health hazards of GMO, and also by proving this technology is but a deliberate continuation of eugenics, racial hygiene and population control. The ultimate purpose of this is not to consolidate markets or even to make huge profits. The ultimate purpose is to exert sterilization and slow kill deaths on those who are seen as "unfit": the poor and the middle classes. Mr. Engdahl's approach to this is impeccably accurate and comprehensive.

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