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Nuclear Radiation from Fukushima Implicated by Ocean Diver as Pacific Climate Change Trigger Skewing Typhoons

Nuclear Radiation from Fukushima Implicated by Ocean Diver as Pacific Climate Change Trigger Skewing Typhoons
Nov 12, 2013 | MsMilkytheclown1

Editor's note: It's complicated, I know. First, we have a legitimacy in the level of nuclear radiation being released into the Pacific ocean that has been occurring and ongoing. Second, we have a massive increase in cyclones in the Pacific ocean. These two are facts. Third, insert climate change as cover.


Note, the author of this video BeautifulGirlByDana spent Many Many years diving to the bottom of the ocean as a commercial diver. He spent 6 hours a day at the bottom of the ocean. He KNOWS the ocean and how it behaves! He is a Very Smart Man.

Model simulations on the long-term dispersal of 137Cs (JUST radioactive Cesium-137) released into the Pacific Ocean off Fukushima http://tinyurl.com/lvfkbao

song http://youtu.be/WMjUJjjWHY0

The opening of COP19 in Warsaw in the shade of Philippines' super typhoon Haiyan.

Warsaw Climate Change Conference - November 2013

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Around Japan from MOS-1/1b VTIR

Fukushima: TEPCO Sucks! Decontamination Nightmare, Major EQ Predicted update 10/31/13

Mega Quake Predicted, Russian Quake Rattles Japan, Fukushima Update last 7 days 5/24/13

Japan: 30% Population Likely to Rock in Nuclear Earthquake update 11/10/12

4/2/12 Fukushima food safety & Tsunami predictions Japan 1+ Years Later update 4/1/12 http://youtu.be/z7jUInDAXf4

Fukushima Catastrophic Propaganda Machine Update 11/11/13

Typhoon Haiya Man Made? Microwave Pulse Cause?

"Weather Modification 101" = Dutchsinse video response to Dr. Mahar Lagmay and ABS-CBN http://youtu.be/R6hYDRwgSEQ

Scientists "Alarmed": Hundreds of sea turtles wash up dead on Pacific coast — Dogs "stopped breathing and died almost instantly" when eating them — Biologists looking into possible causes — Females having reproductive problems

Scientists "Especially Worried": "We don't know how the pathogen is doing this" — Sea star broke in half, walked away, then turned to goo — 'Environmental factors' to blame? — Hundreds wash up dead in Seattle (VIDEO) http://tinyurl.com/mfxwywu

Magazine: The Fukushima Crisis Comes to the U.S. — Professor: "New and improved version of the original atomic plague is spreading"; The truth is so incomprehensible it's easier to pretend it doesn't exist http://tinyurl.com/lyohtpf

Radiation level hits record high at Fukushima plant well — Tepco: New leak "has not been confirmed" http://tinyurl.com/n5qqb36

Source NHK
Greenhouse gas reduction targets debated at COP19

Delegates from more than 190 countries are discussing reduction targets for greenhouse gases on the second day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The conference, known as COP19, opened in the Polish capital of Warsaw on Monday. Its goal is to create a new framework to tackle global warming in 2015.

The new framework, which involves all emitters of the gases, will replace the Kyoto Protocol for industrialized nations in 2020.

Under the new framework, reduction targets are to be submitted by each nation and set in stone after international consultations. The progress will then be assessed.

One bone of contention is the deadline of target submission.

The European Union says the target should be turned in next year. The United States is seeking a deadline of early 2015. Japan also calls 2015 reasonable because the country has yet to decide on a domestic energy policy.

Developing nations and emerging economies argue that the advanced countries should bear the responsibility of reducing greenhouse gases.

China says the industrialized nations should first review the targets for 2020 that it says are too low and submit ones beyond that year. China did not specify when.

COP19 will run through November 22nd. Negotiations are likely to face tough going over the deadline issue.
Nov. 12, 2013 - Updated 20:08 UTC

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