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Policy: The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters

Nov. 1, 2010: The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters

In this invitational presentation to the San Francisco Tesla Society consulting engineer Rob States explains how PG&E's so-called 'smart' meters work and why they endanger health and privacy. He asks the obvious question, "Why would you trust the company that brought you Prop. 16?"
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Local: GM Foods Touted "Benefits" are Actually False Claims

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GM Foods Touted "Benefits" are Actually False Claims by Andre Evans

 Genetically Modified foods are prominently featured in today's food supply. In fact, GMOs are so prominent that if a product is not labeled as GMO free, then it can be assumed that there is at least some amount of genetic alteration within the food.

GMOs dominate conventional food supplies and popular products, perpetuating their adverse effects on the people who eat them.

Before the whistle was blown on the dangers of GM foods, like any other invariably unpopular thing pushed by corporations, claims were that GMOs could actually be beneficial to the food supply, and provide positive value. But how legitimate are any of these claims?

"GM Crops Require Less Herbicide/Pesticide Usage"

Pesticide toxicity is an obvious concern when dealing with crops. Gene tailoring the crops into producing a pesticide theoretically means that you should have to use less.

However, the effectiveness of this method diminishes when insects build an immunity to the pesticide being genetically engineered. This actually creates a need for more additional and more varied application of pesticides to crops, destroying the initial premise that using GM to produce pesticides would lessen their application overall.

"GM Foods Will Help Provide for Poor Starving Populations"

One could argue that the use of GMOs provides more opportunities to give food to the poor, despotic countries. However, genetic engineering of food is often an expensive and extensive process. The application of genetically altered seeds used by farmers also poses a threat to the integrity of a whole environmental food supply. As GMO crops spread, they can easily contaminate surrounding crops that are free of engineering, producing adverse effects. Some crops engineered with 'terminator' genes actually cause the seeds of the next generation to be rendered sterile. This would actually limit the ability for any kind of farmer to reliably produce food in cycles, unless they can afford to buy more seeds from a company providing them.

"GM Foods are Normal Foods, Cause no Threat to Your Health, and Can Even be Nutritionally Enhanced"

Various studies suggest that consuming any amount of GMOs lead to a number of adverse side effects, ranging from organ failure, to infertility. The nature of attempting to manipulate genetic boundaries produces an uncontrollable amount of anomalies, all of which diminish the quality and purpose originally intended for the food. Essential nutrients can be rendered ineffective, and the mutagenic nature of genetic tampering can actually destroy any of the benefits that the foods originally held.

In actuality, it's better to entirely abstain from the use and advocation of any form of genetic modification on foods. The so-called benefits are actually non existent, and the nature of the situation actually threatens the integrity of the world food supply. Genetic tampering opens a figurative Pandora's box of unforeseen consequences, including the contamination of nutritionally sound foods.

The safety of our food supply must be maintained by foregoing the use of GMOs, and preserving the purity of organically farmed, nutritionally satisfying fruits and vegetables. Being a part of the solution is as easy as refusing to use any GM foods, and maintaining your own form of clean and sustainable produce. Like many countries that are now are deciding to reject these foods, you also have an individual opportunity to secure your own health by doing the same.

US: Why We Are Mostly Broke

Why We Are Mostly Broke - R. Mark Sink

As someone in business over 20 years, we all can certainly feel the damage that is being done to the value of the home as nearly half of Americans are either poor, out of work, and or unable to attain any personal wealth, and left homeless.

The removal of wealth as health has long been part of the economic turmoil that overrides our social stability. Centralization of power in the market is obvious as many small businesses are wiped from existence, and removing the actual life-giving structure that retains true growth that is focused on family living.

The overwhelming status of confiding pride now is responsible for endless corruption that has wrought world-wide economic panic which it seems in effect serves those who sell fear and war as their foray adding to the continued economic depression from those partisans who live from greed.

Returning value to creation comes from within the community and the personal relationships that are built with each other. I have long depended on those relationships which have become disarrayed over time by the strong divisions between the system rot and what people truly believe is right for them.

Some of the issues are quite easy to discern as with the big box establishments who demand special services in order to deceive the customer into purchasing names that are wearing masks of deceit and dependence to a material world that is abstracted and thrown as a veil over the consciousness.

The honest and real needs of creating value have long been stripped of their power for mass packaging and production as seen and neutralizing all that love is made to be. Customers may no longer create, they must choose from mass produced profits which engage social dependency through occupation and abuse of local people less able to communicate with others unless it is provided by the system developer rot itself.

survival seed vault
The Amish people are famous for helping each other out and attempting to separate living from the mechanisms of mercantile which clearly feeds from the life force. Working with wood for over 35 years has not made me any less appreciative of nature, rather it has enlightened the nature of man and the horrible path it has beget.

This is a world of profitable boxes that must be furnished with goods sold by more boxes of junk. Females and males must follow the basic tax plan, and create a feeble source for the disease that is perpetually hungry.

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Getting back to nature and having the human right to live upon earth in freedom of association and the will to create life is necessary to survive, and the return of appreciation for what earth is capable of without the endless false-flag of spice that drains our consciousness and tradition.

When you spend your hard earned wage at big box you are guaranteed that the value that is suspiciously saved is serving the masters not you, and as time passes you begin to realize these products are either out of date, not working right, out of style supposedly, or require perpetual replacement with more of your personal spirit, of which has long been stolen.

A suggestion for the animus of architecture in our world reaches for the sky as a sign of prestige among men of power, but underneath this is the anima holding the essence and personality in place, the true emporium where creation is born. You have a right to create your world and one that has a strong ability to defend your wealth and the future of those around you.

 © 2011 R. Mark Sink