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What Corporate Hegemonic Forces Aren't Telling You About the Black Friday Psyop

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What Corporate Hegemonic Forces Aren't Telling You About the Black Friday Psyop 
By R. Mark Sink

The Black Friday media psyop is based on the fact that you must believe it and that the best deals to be found can only be obtained from the big box discounter, yet this is a complete farce, and there are many examples that provide a basis of understanding that defies this logic that we must spend at these locations.

The fight between Wal-Mart and those who make it happen for an elite few to wallow in is obvious enough of the truer nature that exists, one that directs a large portion of the exchange into the hands of a small family of super wealthy who disregard those who have made it possible.

But the market has drastically changed. Did you really notice? The government did.

We now live in a world of material abundance, and the Internet has opened up a way for everyday people to obtain goods peer to peer in ways that most have not taken notice. There are also the pawn shops and trading places that are often local that now bulge at the seams with household goods. Flea markets and garage sales are exploding!

At Craigslist for example, there is now enough furniture for sale locally to decorate any small city and the prices are literally on the ground. Here, you will often be buying directly from your neighbors, not a corporation. You may also find many other products that your neighbors have to offer, or you could be creative and even barter goods if you see something you'd like and would be willing to offer up something of your own. People have always liked looking at each others stuff.

This very notion is made to serve as the illusion that you really want the stuff that is offered to you by a corporation who has considered profit more important that anything else, and is using the awful media as a methodology to fool you into spending the money you just made to impress those who are consumed by the illusion.

All that gadgetry isn't really want you want, what you want has been manipulated by the exposure to the media. What you may find in reality is that what you want and what you want to give is rather more about a relationship that exists that one does not often see.

Buying these material things new is how you lose. Those days are rapidly changing and the type of products that will be available. Robots will soon be making the things they want you to buy so that you and your neighbors will be insulted at the highest level as though human ingenuity is only worthy if all that is human is removed and profits are maximized excluding what is actually sustainable.

I used to buy new tools at the big stores but finally realized the pawn shops are FULL of the best tools on the market. This is what people are not telling you. Growth is now simply printing money and we all truly know this will not last. So, one can begin to see how the market is changing. All those people who are camped out at the stores are also those who depend on their media, such as television which programs their thoughts.

Once they let go of the programming, they soon realize all they have is each other, and the pain of reality begins to set in, and the terrible conditions that have been wrought.

There are however two things I recommend that everyone purchase or barter that would be considered new, or better yet, fresh.

They are knowledge and food. If either of these are packaged per se, they are only available if you get them from an approved source that is considered hegemonic, then it is likely that the true quality that you are obtaining is not what you think it is.

If you're food must be packaged and labeled in a way that you must be a chemist to understand what is in it, then it is probably not food at all, but some type of substance designed to twinkle in your conscious while leaving behind a trail of deceit that greatly affects your overall health. If the company you work for makes weapons as an example, did you really think this was a life-giving paradigm? We see now that the weapons are also part of the methodology of profit.

If you work for Wal-Mart, are you really in the fight to survive, or are you entrapped in complicity and looking for a way out?

If the only knowledge you obtain is from the media, and the only learning one has considered has come from the usual sources of programming, then you can bet that one is camped out just to prove to oneself that the programming has been successful, and that somehow the illusion of matter is sustained.

The knowledge we obtain from each other, such as in the Internet, has much greater value in our relationships that are the truer desire of mankind, and from those we have learned to trust. Inside here is the new media, a place of meditation and contemplation with others, not ourselves and the impulses made to rot at the fabric of life.

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