Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Exposed: Are You Eating Poop? Human BioSludge Sold as 'Organic' Compost

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Eat Sh*t! Human BioSludge Sold as 'Organic' Compost
Oct 29, 2013 | TRUTHstreammedia

Sewage sludge is "the wet solid cake produced after human, residential and industrial wastes are combined in wastewater treatment plants". (http://www.sludgevictims.com/3-SV2002...)

Industrial companies need viable places to dump their waste products, and just as the fertilizer industry has found a market for fluoride waste in drinking water, the waste water industry has created a fertilizer market using sewer sludge as a cheap crop input. Moreover, the "organic" and natural compost movement associated with healthy, homegrown crops has adopted this up-cycled humanure that the EPA and several lobbyists say is 'safe' for unrestricted use on veggies and more. The only problem is that the compost made by cities from what is flushed down the toilet may contain residual pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, sex hormones and other endocrine disruptors, radiated derivatives from cancer treatments, steroids and other excreted compounds that could enter the human body, crops or food chain/environment with total affects unknown.

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