Sunday, May 25, 2014

smart meters & smart grid: what's the real story?

Take Back Your Power | May 24, 2014

Could "smart" meters be part of the largest corporate con job on the planet? This May 2014 interview with Josh del Sol, director of the documentary Take Back Your Power (watch at, discusses the installation of "smart" meters worldwide, the growing resistance to the agenda, and how to prevent or reverse installation of one on your home.

What You Will Hear:
00:00 - Stacy Lynne, investigative journalist (her story:
01:18 - exposing UN Agenda 21 / ICLEI's influence on local gov'ts
13:45 - Josh del Sol, director & producer of Take Back Your Power
15:41 - health issues caused by "smart" meter radiation
18:15 - live blood analysis: before & after "smart" meter exposure
21:45 - the electromagnetic human body
25:58 - how much radiation come from "smart" meters?
27:32 - how does this compare to cellphones?
29:07 - your right of refusal (template:
29:59 - follow the money... who benefits?
32:30 - energy wasted, corporate doublespeak
33:51 - (coal industry paper:
36:10 - what's behind the overbilling?
39:53 - worldwide program, conflicts of interest
40:58 - widespread resistance, hundreds of local moratoriums, criminal & individual liability
44:04 - upcoming film screenings, awards
46:09 - energy control, new energy technology
52:31 - asserting our right to freedom and life


Take Back Your Power is the winner of the AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year (2013), and the Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award (2013).

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