Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Record snowfall in Canada – Video

Ice Age Now | Mar 2, 2015 |

Roofs caving in – People trapped inside

A huge blizzard dumped over 80 cm (2½ feet) of snow on Prince Edward Island.

In New Brunswick the snow piled up in huge drifts, in some cases trapping people inside.

And in Halifax, it snowed and it rained and it froze again and now ice is encasing everything.

“It’s clear the Maritimes weather has crossed the line from difficult to dangerous.”

A stranded driver said he could barely see the end of the hood on his car.

Many Maritimers spent most of the month digging out after record snowfalls.

Both Halifax and Moncton recorded more than double the average amount of snow for the month.

Charlottetown was buried under more than seven feet of snow (222.8 cm), including nearly 90 cm in a single storm that hit PEI’s capital on February 16th.

In Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, residents were digging out after snow storms dumped more than 50 cm (16 inches) in some areas that led to the closures of schools, businesses and highways.

Moncton saw the worst of the blizzard with more than 50 cm of snow, while Fredericton and Saint John received over 30 cm (12 inches).



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