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US: The California Battle to Save Fertility

The California Battle to Save Fertility by Dinah Anderson

There is a huge push in California right now to get GMOs labeled.  At its most serious, this is a battle to save fertility.

For those who do not yet know what GMOs are, the letters stand for Genetically Modified Organisms. In the most basic terms, the DNA, the code of life for living things, has been changed by corporations. One of the main companies doing this is Monsanto.

GHW Bush put a Monsanto lawyer, Clarence Thomas, on the Supreme Court, who ruled that GMOs are the same as normal organisms that the corporations hadn’t toyed with.
This was untrue.  Extremely so.

Monsanto helped put Bill Clinton into office and Bill Clinton helped Monsanto by putting one of its own lawyers, Michael Taylor, into the FDA where he deregulated the approval process.  The FDA hid 40,000 documents showing extreme toxicity, and so GMOs got planted in the US in 1996.

It has been clear for some time that GMOs are linked to diabetes and cancer, but now information is flooding out about their harm to reproductive organs with midwives giving details of the abnormalities they are seeing.

Meanwhile, in California, the effort is to get them labeled.  Monsanto, while saying they are harmless, has put much effort nationally into keeping GMOs unlabeled (such as rBGH, a genetically altered bovine hormone) so people can’t choose for themselves.  In addition, Monsanto is working to get rid of real food by brutally attacking those who are providing it.

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 While the pro-life movement and the pro-choice movement fight over the sanctity of life and the right to individual abortions, Monsanto has been busy making utter fools of them both because GMOs remove fertility itself.  If people are eating GMOs, their fertility is being threatened.  They have only to read what is happening to dairy cattle who consume it to understand how truly serious this is.

Mothers and fathers have only to look across the table as their children eat things that are now genetically engineered – corn, canola, soy, sugar – and in everything (soft drinks, candy, cake, cookies, soups, milk (through what the cattle themselves are eating), ice cream, cheeses, yogurt, pizza, meats (through what the animals are eating), etc.) to imagine for themselves what an entire childhood of such stuff would do to their chances of ever being a grandparent.

When one adds to what has happened to food and the fact that all the new vaccines contain GMOs, the scope of exposure becomes more apparent.

But on top of the GMOs in vaccines, which contaminate the person or child’s “organic” DNA with patented intellectual property (just as Monsanto is doing to organic fields), every one of the mandated vaccines for children and the flu vaccine, include polysorbate 80, the “preferred ingredient” in a pharmaceutical patent entitled, “A Fertiliy Impairing Vaccine.”  The pharmaceutical industry, which makes GMOs for both crops and vaccines, is undeniably financially invested in causing infertility, enough to devise a vaccine that can do so and then to obtain a patent on it.  The pharmaceutical industry involvement in infertility is not new.

Now the issue of saving fertility becomes not only very real but very urgent as well.  From the day of birth, American children are exposed to a chosen sterilizing agent that the pharmaceutical industry found so effective in impairing fertility that it made it the central ingredient in a patented formula.  This same industry conducted infamous experiments to be able to devise a vaccine that could sterilize at regular doctors appointments without the patient’s knowledge or informed consent.

The battle to label GMO food in California is, truly, a battle to save fertility.  It is a battle for a future that includes children.  It is a battle for the future of people.

Will women come together now to save fertility itself?

See: California Right to Know ballot initiative

Tell Congress to Label GMO Foods:

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