Sunday, September 1, 2013

Are We to Blame for Climate Change?

Are We to Blame for Climate Change?

Editor's note: The push for global warming consensus attains category quickly in our society, either you're a fracking, drill baby drill nut, or your one of those environmental nuts. The truthful consensus shows that what is occurring climatically is a change in our solar system of which affects all planets. With this knowledge, we assume that climate change is out of our control.

This more obvious assumption comes from the observations we've made inside our galaxy, and especially that of solar activity. However, this does not remove our responsibilities to the type of exposures we encounter which have been out of our control by force, such as GMOs that infest and then spread in our environment. We may assume that the things we are exposed to are controlled by us, but when we consider our energy consumption and practices, we immediately conclude we are at risk. The collision between population and exposure is more or less controlled by corporations and banks, not us.

If we learn to control this association ourselves (such as boycotts, etc.), then we may thwart the notions of Agenda 21 more accurately and efficiently. The Federal Reserve has already attempted this through bailouts, however, in doing so, it is a crime where this avenue of control is given to banks and select corporations.

We may learn that control is the primary objective in all of this rhetoric, and the fact that we may not be in control will not be accepted and this reveals those that wish to control are exposed, part of the architypical construct that is being addressed.

Underneath this is security and we can see the attempts to secure mostly profits and to ensure corporations are not allowed to fail when this is the proper and natural process of healing and learning that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde actually exist.

So, I present the following case file for study which addresses Agenda 21 remembering the complexities that surround interpretation and the rampart geoengineering which in fact converts population to dollars as CO2 smart cities. Please leave your comments below. 

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 This is the public section of A21 Counterstrike, Chapter 1


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