Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/30/2014 -- Iceland's Bardarbunga volcanic eruption covers 35sq miles in lava

Dutchsinse | Dec 30, 2014

The ongoing large volcanic eruption at Bardarbunga Holuhran fissure, has now covered over 35 square miles in fresh lava.

(had to image stabilize this video due to hand camera shake from the person holding the camera inside the helicopter - as it is not an outside mounted cam )

This newest flyover (from December 24, 2014) shows the rift as still being majorly active.

Large volumes of lava are being forced to the surface via a split which occurred on the flank of the Bardarbunga volcanic complex.

The fissure has spread over the past few months.

The reason the crack at the surface has spread, is due to the movement of the magma chamber deep below. Also, the entire area is confirmed to have SUBSIDED (collapsed) by over 120feet. As the magma chamber is moving it is also collapsing due to loss of magma in the chamber below.

This subsidence could reach a critical mass, in which case the ground above will collapse below into the chamber (depending on the depth of the magma chamber below , this could be quite an issue in the future).

More information here , as well as multiple videos of the caldera:

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