Friday, May 11, 2012

US: Armed Authorities Coerce Farmers To Massacre GMO Free Organic Livestock

Armed Authorities Coerce Farmers To Massacre GMO Free Organic Livestock - alexhiggins732

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Michigan authorities, presumably under lobbyist influence, force organic GMO free farmers to murder their livestock in cold blood based on 'made up' rule.

Mike Adams of Natural News revealed on RT today the Michigan State Department of Natural Resources has banned raising feral pigs, on their own accord by making up an arbitrary rule that was not passed by enacted by any legislation.

Mike describes how farmers who have been harvesting pigs for decades as their sole source of income are being raided by armed officials at gunpoint who are coercing them to murder entire populations of piglets.

Some farmers have chosen to take on criminal charges by asserting their constitutional right not to be deprived of property without due process while others, in an effort to have a clean criminal record, chose to avoid criminal charges by slaughtering their livestock.

As Mike Adams explains if they are allowed to get away with this where does it stop? What prevent them from ordering pet birds, cats or dogs being murdered.

Furthermore, our constitution does allow government agencies of the executive branch to just make up rules own their without a legislative mandate.

Legislation needs to be passed by lawmakers. This system of checks and balances is the cornerstone of the foundation of our constitution and our entire system of government.

Without such a check and balance we are effectively living in a dictatorship.

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