Saturday, May 19, 2012

Planet Earth: Fighting Against Industrial Waste

Editor's note: We live in a polluted world so the question to ask is how do we survive on a planet that is contaminated. Some believe that planet earth will heal the harm that humans create, however this will not stop the contamination and withdrawal from life and healthy living. The problem is the manufacturers and their insistence on using oil and fire and the profits thereof. There's at least one other story that never occurred, that of hemp. If that had played out, we might not be in the mess we're in. Hawaii has taken the stand against those who tell us that oil is what we as humans should use when everything that it represents is death and anyone who goes near it dies. Our landfills are full of it and especially in other countries in which plastic is deliberately dumped to get rid of it, all made from oil byproducts. It's greatest power is the fire in which it burns.

Hawaii Bans Plastic Shopping Bags

"Perhaps because of their proximity to what has been dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Hawaiians have voted to ban the use of plastic shopping bags throughout the state by 2015.

This month, Honolulu County became the final county in the island state to ban the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags at shopping centers. Voters also approved the ban of paper bags that did not contain at least 40 percent recycled material.

Officials said the 2015 deadline will allow local retailers and shoppers the time to make the appropriate changes"

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