Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Debunking The Utility “Smart” Meter Safety Myth: SSM! NY Issues Report on the “Antenna Effect”

StopSmartMeters.org | Jun 3, 2014

Another nail has been driven in the coffin of the ludicrous notion of “smart meter safety.”  One of our many sister organizations, Stop Smart Meters! New York has issued a report detailing flaws in the review that many utilities cite in order to claim that their “smart” metering systems are “safe.”   FCC and industry analysis only examines smart meters in isolation, not as part of the grid as they operate in real life.

Why is this important?  Electric wiring- in addition to carrying current- can also act as an antenna- creating what are essentially “antenna cages” in homes.  Pulsed microwaves from the meters, as well as dirty electricity resulting from the conversion from AC to DC current can create hazardous conditions.  When you have dozens or hundreds of smart meters pulsing and emitting dirty power transients in the same wavelength, electrical pollution can be intensified.

Bottom line: Analyses of smart meter radiation that only analyze one smart meter in isolation have little bearing on the actual environmental conditions in which these devices are designed to operate- environments where real humans actually live.

To read the full report, check out the SSM! NY website.

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