Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hurricane Odile could bring catastrophic flooding from Tucson to Albuquerque NM in U.S. Southwest

Signs of the Times | Sep 16, 2014

Odile will unload tremendous rainfall over a large part of the Southwest United States that will run off the mountains and into the desert valleys and plains through the end of the week.

According to Western Weather Expert Ken Clark, "There is the potential for devastating, catastrophic and historic flooding in this scenario."

The heaviest rainfall will hit the Southwestern states of Arizona and New Mexico where a general 3 to 6 inches will fall, but local amounts of 10 inches or more are possible on the slopes of the mountains. Rainfall of 1 to 2 inches per hour can occur.

There is a significant risk to lives and property in the region.

"Not only will flash and urban flooding occur in this case, but there is the potential for major river flooding," Clark said.

This is the type of threat that can cause water to sweep through normally dry stream beds, called arroyos, and into villages, towns and major cities rapidly. Major roads can be damaged and some bridges along secondary roads could be swept away. Mudslides and dust storms can block roads in a few locations.

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