Monday, October 13, 2014

In 24 Hours We Lose 80,000 Acres Of Rainforest – This Invention Could Help Change That

Collective Evolution | Oct 12, 2014 | Joe Martino

New innovative ideas to help improve the dire situation we face when it comes to our climate and ecosystem are coming from all areas. Whether it be large scale systems and infrastructures or smaller ideas like the new invention below (Hydria Pot,) no idea is too small and all are very important.

With our climate changing and rainfall becoming inconsistent, potentially worsening over the coming years, coming up with outdoor solutions to create and support new vegetation in forests, and rainforests is a priority.

We are destroying our forests and rainforests at a rate that is astonishing. Over 80,000 acres a day are cut and another 80,000 are degraded. We need to not only stop this issue but work to begin replacing these lost trees.[1] The Hydria Pot could help with that. One of the greatest contributors of rainforest degradation is actually something that touches most of us. Find out here. 

During the early stages of a newly planted tree, getting the support it needs to grow can sometimes be tough. A new invention and concept called The Hydria Pot looks to remove that challenge. The Hydria Pot is an innovative solution that attempts to mimmick nature.

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